Building Autobahn|JS

To build Autobahn|JS for use in browsers, you will need

Install NodeJS

on Windows

Download the installer from the NodeJS website.

on Ubuntu

sudo apt-get install nodejs nodejs-legacy npm

SCons is a Python based build tool, so you will need Python as well.

Install Taschenmesser, a SCons toolbelt also written in Python

on Windows

pip install --upgrade taschenmesser[aws,svg]

on Ubuntu

sudo pip install --upgrade taschenmesser[aws,svg]

Set environment variables

on Windows

  1. JAVA_HOME pointing to your Java run-time
C:\Program Files\Java\jre7
  1. Add Python and Python script to PATH
  1. Set JS_COMPILER pointing to the Google Closure compiler.jar
C:\Program Files\Google Closure\compiler.jar

on Ubuntu

export JS_COMPILER=$HOME/compiler.jar
export JAVA_HOME=/usr/lib/jvm/default-java

Clone the Autobahn|JS repo

git clone
cd autobahnjs

Install JavaScript dependencies in NodeJS

npm install ws when crypto-js

Start the build:



When using a bash shell under Windows (e.g. git shell), use ‘’.

You get 3 files inside the build directory


To clean up your build (i.e. remove previously created files):

scons -uc
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