Autobahn is an open source project, and hosted on GitHub. The GitHub repository includes the documentation.

We’re looking for all kinds of contributions - from simple fixes of typos in the code or documentation to implementation of new features and additions of tutorials.

If you want to contribute to the code or the documentation:

Fork us on GitHub

We use the Fork & Pull Model.

This means that you fork the repo, make changes to your fork, and then make a pull request here on the main repo.

This article on GitHub gives more detailed information on how the process works.

Running the Tests

In order to run the unit-tests, we use Tox to build the various test-environments. To run them all, simply run tox from the top-level directory of the clone.

For test-coverage, see the Makefile target test_coverage, which deletes the coverage data and then runs the test suite with various tox test-environments before outputting HTML annotated coverage to ./htmlcov/index.html and a coverage report to the terminal.

There are two environment variables the tests use: USE_TWISTED=1 or USE_ASYNCIO=1 control whether to run unit-tests that are specific to one framework or the other.

See tox.ini for details on how to run in the different environments

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