Autobahn|Testsuite is implemented in Python. It should run anywhere where Python is available.

You will need:

Recommended is using the latest Python 2.7 release, Python 2.6 works also fine, but Python 3 doesn’t.


On Windows, unless you have a specific requirement and know what you are doing, a 32-bit Python is recommended.

For best performance, you should run on PyPy.

On Windows, for better performance, you might want to run Twisted under IOCP reactor. For that, you will need

If you want to do tests involving secure WebSocket (wss), you will need


Open a command shell, and install from Python package index:

pip install autobahntestsuite

Doing so automatically downloads and installs everything needed including any dependencies.

Alternatively, install from sources:

git clone git://
cd AutobahnTestSuite
git checkout v0.6.1
cd autobahntestsuite
python install


Caution: Do NOT use current HEAD, but a tagged release like above.


To test your installation, open a command shell and do:

wstest --help

wstest is the Autobahn|Testsuite executable and installed in a system-wide location, i.e. on Windows under



If wstest cannot be found on your command line, make sure you have the Python Scripts path in your PATH.

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