Open-source real-time framework for Web, Mobile & Internet of Things.

The Autobahn project provides open-source implementations of the The WebSocket Protocol and The Web Application Messaging Protocol (WAMP) network protocols.

WebSocket allows bidirectional real-time messaging on the Web and WAMP adds asynchronous Remote Procedure Calls and Publish & Subscribe on top of WebSocket.

WAMP is ideal for distributed, multi-client and server applications, such as multi-user database-driven business applications, sensor networks (IoT), instant messaging or MMOGs (massively multi-player online games).

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Explore the Autobahn subprojects:

Autobahn|Python is a WebSocket / WAMP library for Python 2 and 3 on Twisted and asyncio

  • create WebSocket clients and servers
  • create WAMP clients and servers
  • highly conformant, performant and flexible


Autobahn|JS is a WAMP client library that works with any WAMP server

  • add WAMP connectivity to HTML5 apps
  • works in browsers and Node.js
  • long-poll fallback for older browsers


Autobahn|Android is a WebSocket / WAMP client library written in Java for Android

  • add WebSocket connectivity to apps
  • add WAMP connectivity to apps
  • WAMP v1 only (depreceated version of the protocol)


Autobahn|Cpp is a WAMP client library for C++11

  • add WAMP connectivity to apps
  • API builds on std::future and boost::any
  • talks WAMP over stdio


Autobahn|Testsuite is a comprehensive protocol test suite for verifying WebSocket implementations


Open source multi-protocol application router based on Autobahn and WAMP.

  • RPC and PubSub for distributed applications
  • Direct-to-database messaging
  • No application server needed

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